Don’t Cash In Your Life Insurance Before Knowing Your Options

Your life insurance is an asset and may have more value than what your life insurance company will lead you to believe.  Life changes and so do your needs, however if you are considering letting your life insurance policy lapse or turning it in to the insurance company for the cash surrender value, know that you may be leaving money on the table if you don’t explore all of your options.

There is a new financial market for seniors aged 65 and older who own life insurance policies. Called the Life Settlements Market policy owners can receive 5 to 8 times more than the current cash surrender value for their life insurance on average through a Life Settlement transaction.  All you need to do is inquire and ask for a free fair market valuation of your policy.

Cash In Life Insurance vs. Fair Market Value?

If your life insurance premiums are getting too expensive or you just simply do not need the coverage anymore, you owe it to yourself to get top dollar for that policy you paid into for so many years.  To learn more and get a free no obligation quote for selling your life insurance policy contact us here at Direct Life Settlements and find out what your life insurance policy is truly worth in a free market.

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Don’t Cash In Your Life Insurance Before Knowing Your Options
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