Get 8x More For Your Life Insurance

Your Life Insurance Policy has a Fair Market Value.

Seniors of America are starting learn of more options for their life insurance. Like how to get paid 5 to 8 times more on average than their cash surrender value.  You too can access this new financial market for seniors who own life insurance.

$112 Billion in Life Insurance on American Seniors aged 65 and over Lapses or Surrenders Each Year.

If you are considering surrendering your life insurance policy for the cash surrender value, or even letting your policy lapse, you may be able to access a new financial market, a Life Settlement Market, and sell your life insurance policy and turn it into cash today.

88% of Life Insurance Policies Never Result in a Payout.

Life is in a constant state of change and as such your needs may change over time for things like life insurance.  If you no longer need, want or can afford you current life insurance policy and you are 65 years or older you may qualify to turn a continuing expense into a benefit today.

55% of Seniors have let a life insurance policy lapse.

If you have a life insurance policy or you own or manage one on a family member who is aged 65 years or older and are considering letting the policy lapse or turning it in for the cash surrender value you may have another option available to you.  Life Settlements can provide you with more value today than you would get from letting your policy lapse for nothing or 5 to 8 times more than the surrender value you would receive from the insurance company for turning it in.

Get the Fair Market Value Before You Lapse or Surrender Your Life Insurance Policy

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